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Road Map for Life Seminars:

Healing Toxic Relationships: How To Talk So Your Partner Listens

For Singles And Couples

Topic Outline

I. Skills For Creating A Successful Relationship

  1. Relationship Roadmap
    1. Normal stress to meet needs
    2. Biologically based needs
    3. Bonding
    4. Distress (negative)
    5. Eustress( happiness)

  2. Stress Styles
    1. Placater
    2. Blamer
    3. Super-Reasonable
    4. Irrelevant/Distractor

  3. The Nine Tasks Of A Successful Marriage
    1. Separate emotionally from family-of-origin
    2. Create Sense of togetherness
    3. Make transition from being a couple to family
    4. Prevent adversity from destroying relationship
    5. Express differences safely
    6. Don't allow life demands to impair sex life
    7. Share laughter and fun times
    8. Comfort and encourage each other
    9. Keep romantic and ideal view of relationship

  4. Why Marriages Succeed and Fail
    1. Inability to handle conflict
    2. Ratio of positive to negative moments should be 5:1
    3. Stable equilibrium in marital ecology
    4. Conflict is inevitable

  5. Four Conflict Management Skills
    1. 15 minute limit
    2. Calm yourself and avoid flooding
    3. Speak and listen non-defensively
    4. Validate the other person

  6. Four Relationship Destroyers
    1. Criticism
    2. Contempt
    3. Defensiveness
    4. Stonewalling

  7. Barriers To Communication
    1. Lack of skill
    2. Lack of planning
    3. Fear

  8. 12 Roadblocks To Communication
    1. Ordering, directing, commanding
    2. Warning, admonishing, threatening
    3. Moralizing, preaching, imploring
    4. Advising, giving suggestions or solutions
    5. Persuading with logic, lecturing, arguing
    6. Judging, criticizing, disagreeing blaming
    7. Praising, agreeing, evaluating positively, buttering up
    8. Name calling, ridiculing, shaming
    9. Interpreting, analyzing, diagnosing
    10. Reassuring, sympathizing, consoling, supporting
    11. Probing, questioning, interrupting
    12. Distracting, diverting, kidding

  9. Listening Skills
    1. Open-ended statements
    2. Summary statements
    3. Neutral questions and phrases
    4. Dialogue Guide

What You Will Learn
Topic Description

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